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About Us


From a dream, stems from a persistence.

In the early 21st century, the real estate industry developed rapidly, and the bubble economy prevailed, which had a certain impact on the development of the real economy. In such an unencumbered environment, it does not affect the enthusiasm and pursuit of most entrepreneurs. In the spirit of “empty talk mistake country, solid action to make the country strong” and start their own business path with practical actions.

RICHBIT founder XIAO with his years of experience in the bicycle industry began to build his own brand RICHBIT which belongs to Shenzhen Xinhuanan Vehicle Co.,Ltd. From the beginning of the narrow and small production workshop, there is now a small factory of a certain scale. The number of reincarnations in spring, summer, autumn and winter has been numerous and exported to all corners of the world, and has been recognized and supported by more and more customers. The brand road has begun to bear fruit, and XIAO is still adhering to this persistence and perseverance, constantly researching and developing new products and innovations to further enhance the quality of its products.

The road to overseas markets has become wider and wider, and the first RICHBIT branch has been established overseas. The dream is still going on, the road is still very long, and the determination to promote the Chinese brand overseas will not change, and the RICHBIT team will continue to carry it forward.


I believe that everyone is no stranger to RICHBIT. With its unique design, excellent performance and perfect after-sales service, RICHIBT is gradually recognized and supported by more and more customers.

RICHBIT comes with a halo, and anyone who can ride a RICHBIT bike can get the blessings. RICH is not only reflected in material life, but also in spiritual life, and will accompany you to a wonderful and rich life. BIT is a little bit. The so-called life is very long. It is necessary to slowly feel and discover, and record and cherish it a little bit. Time passes, lost, and let RICHBIT take you to find life better, discover truth, goodness, beauty, and discover wonderful life.


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