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France has a deserved reputation for welcoming cyclists.  So, please don't worry,the cycling rules in France are straightforward so enjoy and stay safe!Ride a bike in town
  • In town, cyclists must take the paths or cycle lanes dedicated to them and travel on the right side when they are facing the road. If the roadway is bordered on each side by one of these reserved lanes, users must take the open one to the right of the road, in the direction of the traffic and obey the traffic lights regulating the crossing of the roads;

  • In the absence of cycle paths or lanes, cyclists must circulate on the right side of the road;

  • Do not use sidewalks. Only children under the age of eight are allowed to use the sidewalks, provided they drive at a reasonable speed and do not hinder pedestrians;

  • Cyclists are allowed to ride on greenways, meeting areas or zones 30, unless otherwise provided by municipal authorities;

  • Bicycles must be parked in the indicated locations or on the road;

  • In meeting areas, do not travel at more than 20 km / h and respect the pedestrian priority

  • In pedestrian areas, walk at a walking pace.

  • In zones 30 and meeting areas, bicycles can travel in both directions. Two-way traffic allows you to benefit from better visibility, avoid major traffic arteries and simplify routes.

Cycling outside the city
  • Do not drive too close to the shoulder, to avoid ruts or gravel;

  • When cornering, keep to the right as far as possible because the cars only see you at the last moment;

  • Be particularly careful when passing a truck: the air intake may throw you off balance;

  • If you are riding in a group, ride in pairs or in single file. At night, in the event of a vehicle overtaking or when circumstances require (narrow roadway, etc.), always stand in single file;

  • If your group has more than ten people, split it up.

In all cases
  • On a bicycle, it is forbidden to wear any device capable of emitting sound (headphones, earphones or headphones) on your ear. The use of a hand-held telephone is also prohibited.

  • Do not ride after drinking too much alcohol. Beyond 0.2 mg / l of exhaled air, it is prohibited and punishable by a fine, and above all very dangerous.

  • Helmets are compulsory for children under 12, driver or passenger of a cycle. This helmet must be attached.

To Note:
It is forbidden to wear any device capable of emitting sound (earphones, earphones or headphones) in the ear. 
The use of a hand-held telephone is also prohibited. If this rule is not respected, you are liable to a fixed fine of 135 €.

The main traffic violations and associated penalties for bicycles. All the fine amounts indicated correspond to fixed fines.
  • Lighting fault: 11 €

  • Change of direction without prior warning: 35 €

  • Drive more than 2 abreast on the road: 35 €

  • Have a passenger on their bike (without a seat attached to the vehicle): € 35

  • Towing: 35 €

  • Exceeding the maximum authorized speed *: 35 €

  • Non-compliance with the stop at an amber light: 35 €

  • Braking fault: 68 €

  • Driving on the sidewalk in built-up areas: 135 €

  • Hold your phone or wear headphones: 135 €

  • Driving in the forbidden direction 135 € Failure to respect the stop at a red light: 135 €

  • Non-compliance with a stop at a stop sign: 135 €

  • Go up the lines on the right: 135 €

  • Circulation under the influence of alcohol (between 0.2 and 0.4 mg / l of exhaled air): 135 €

  • Unsuitable speed given the circumstances *: 135 €

  • Overrun without prior warning: 135 €

  • Non-respect of the right of way for pedestrians: 135 €

* The difference between exceeding the speed (35 €) and unsuitable speed in view of the circumstances (135 €) is that in the second case, the cyclist can respect the speed limit but intentionally ignore a risk: crossing of pedestrians, bends, etc